Current WIPs

I’ve decided to fill you in on the current projects I’m working

  1. First line edit of From India, my historical romance. It’s a mystery set in the Victorian EraI’ve never done as thorough a line edit before. I’d always (foolishly) believed that editing would be easier than writing. In college I always banged out a crappy first draft of an essay and then really polished it off in the second and third draft. I’d assumed writing a novel would be a similar process. It’s not. All the glaring plot holes and things you left to ‘fix’ later can be a little overwhelming at times. I’m about two thirds done though, but with the end in sight I’m actually slowing down not speeding up.
  1. First draft of my latest novel – Working Title Ghost Hunter. The more I write the more ridiculous and irrelevant the working title seems but I can’t think up anything else at this point. I’ve plotted this novel a lot more than From India and already I can see how much easier it’s going to be to clean this draft up. I’m a true plotting convert.

What’s everyone else working on at the minute? Do you prefer writing that exciting first draft or the more calculated editing process? Let me know below.


Ask and Editor! (with Swoon Reads)

Did anyone else check out NaNoWriMo’s YouTube video Ask an Editor! (with Swoon Reads)?

The interview was really insightful and has made me seriously reconsider the opening section of From India. The editors from Swoon Reads recommend opening your novel with your character making a decision. I think this is a really interesting idea as it provides a pretty unique insight into the mindset of the character.

I’ve added a link to the video here. I’d highly recommend checking it out if you are interested in hearing a little bit more about what editors are and are not looking for in new submissions.

What does everyone else think?

Would you consider rewriting your own introduction to fit this structure?