Current WIPs

I’ve decided to fill you in on the current projects I’m working

  1. First line edit of From India, my historical romance. It’s a mystery set in the Victorian EraI’ve never done as thorough a line edit before. I’d always (foolishly) believed that editing would be easier than writing. In college I always banged out a crappy first draft of an essay and then really polished it off in the second and third draft. I’d assumed writing a novel would be a similar process. It’s not. All the glaring plot holes and things you left to ‘fix’ later can be a little overwhelming at times. I’m about two thirds done though, but with the end in sight I’m actually slowing down not speeding up.
  1. First draft of my latest novel – Working Title Ghost Hunter. The more I write the more ridiculous and irrelevant the working title seems but I can’t think up anything else at this point. I’ve plotted this novel a lot more than From India and already I can see how much easier it’s going to be to clean this draft up. I’m a true plotting convert.

What’s everyone else working on at the minute? Do you prefer writing that exciting first draft or the more calculated editing process? Let me know below.


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